Midtown Kitchen

302 10 Street N.W.

Midtown Kitchen & Bar, in the heart of Kensington, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Local Food

Craft Beer


Ric Cutillo:
Proprietor / General Manager

Ric Cutillo has over 27 years in the restaurant industry and held such roles as Executive Chef, General Manager, Proprietor and Sommelier. Ric has travelled extensively and began his professional culinary career in Spain under Chef Steve Mack from New York City. When Ric is not working, he enjoys skipping, playing crib, and enjoys listening to his extensive 8Track collection.


Richie Martensz
Assistant General Manager

Richie has been in the restaurant industry as long as he has lived in Calgary, a grand total of 4 years. Coming from Australia he brings a unique perspective on all facets of the restaurant. In his short time in Calgary he was worked almost everything position in a restaurant from oyster shucker to bartender to General Manger.  He enjoys looking after his pet Koalas, bbqs and long walks on the beach…..but only with a Fosters…..its Aussie for beer!


Dieter Granson:
Executive Chef

Dieter Granson has been on the Calgary food scene for almost 10 years, and has seen the very highs and the very lows of our city’s cuisine. From wing nights to bison rib-eye, Dieter has done his best to learn the do’s and don’ts of the kitchen world, starting as a dishwasher and working his way up to Executive Chef. When he isn’t behind the hot line, Dieter enjoys not sleeping, watching Big Brother, and eating Kraft Dinner.


Ryan Sawyer

Ryan Sawyer has been in the culinary world for over 10 years and had done everything from bussing dishes to planning events and menu development. He has worked with some notable chefs over the years to cultivate the skills and knowledge that are required to run a kitchen. Hobbies include collecting many fine leather bound books, Simpson’s trivia, and avoiding the sun.


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